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Turning the Heel
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I also need help with this pattern! I have gotten through the first part....

This is what I have done so far:

Cast on 29 (22:37) stitches and work 10 (10:12) rows stocking stitch. Knit 19 (22:25) stitches, turn. Purl 9 (11:13) stitches, turn. On 9 (11:13) stitches, work 14 (14:16) rows in stocking stitch. Break yarn.

For the life of me, I can't figure out what to do next?????

With right side of work facing, rejoin yarn to the inside edge of the 10 (11:12) stitches and pick up and knit 7(9:11) stitches along the side of the foot, knit across 9 (11:13) stitches on the needle, pick up and knit 7 (9:11) stitches along the other side of the foot and finally knit along the remaining 10 (11:12) stitches.

I know Chris has done these booties, so maybe you would have the answer to this question. But I am willing to listen to anyone that can give me some help. I thought being new these would be relatively easy, but now I am sitting here confused.
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