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Well, I did decide to make Miss Dashwood (and of course I can't wait to see a pattern for Miss Woodhouse, not to mention "The Lizzie"). In fact, I started it last night and am now about to finish it (just need to bind off the second earflap and sew the stuff together). I had to spend a couple of hours in a car today and was smart enough to take my knitting with me, which is how I got a lot done (no, I wasn't the one driving, in case someone is getting worried....).

The big excitement throughout the process was "will there be enough yarn?" I had one 50 g skein of this musty green Plymouth alpaca that had the perfect texture for this hat, so I felt I had to use it. The yarn lasted through the hat itself (whew), the ties, and almost for the earflaps. My solution: The uppermost rows of each earflap are knit with a different yarn (with a similar color). I figure this part of the earflap won't be visible anyway as it will be inside the hat.

The casting on took forever, although it wasn't really difficult. The bobbles were a bit tricky. I'm pretty happy with the result, but I think this green hat is just begging for a red or orange flower or two. I think I'll try knitting a couple of flowers and put on it. So now I'm off to look for a flower pattern (hmm, or I suppose I'd better go to bed now and finish the hat tomorrow).
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