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increasing in stitches

In another thread I found this pattern for slippers which look nice and seem easy enough to knit up in just a few days. I figured it would be great to be able to wear something like those on my plane ride to South Africa since I tend to get chilly on airplanes and i don't like to have to keep my shoes on for 12+ hours when I'm not walking anywhere anyway...

But I don't understand the increase in the second stitch and in every stitch part: which increase do I use (I looked on the page with Amy's videos and there are so many) and exactly does it mean to do the increase in every second stitch?

edited: and I came up with another idea I wanted to run by you all: it seems that in this pattern you knit up two halves which you then sew together at the top and bottom but I'm thinking of just knitting it as a whole by doing the ribbed twice as long and then decrease instead of increase; which would mean all I have to do in the end is sew the top 5 stitches together.
This because I think it wouldn't be nice to have a seem going right along the bottom of your foot.
But maybe, being a not too experienced knitter: am I missing any side effects if I do this? would it effect the form of the slipper for example?

thanks for any help

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