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Brand Spanky new girl with a question
I found a pattern on some site which may very well be this one. I have been lurking around here checking the place out for a little while. I am starting on my very first baby afghan that in general is a very easy pattern. It is all garter stitched and promises to be fairly cute. But here is the question...It requires me to switch between 3 needles and 13 needles every seven rows. Switching to the 3s isn't hard though a little of a PITA because the loops are so big comparatively. My question though is whether or not anybody can give me a good suggestion for switching from the 3s to the 13s. The loop size is so much smaller i don't know how i will gte the 13s through the loop.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for any help you can give me!

Brenda :XX:
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