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Kelly: thanks for that answer! I just tried that on a tester and it works fine that way so I will do them like that. THen I'll also try the kitchener stitch; yay for learning new things on simple projects!!

Brooke: the first time you start increasing you do it every other stitch untill you have 22 stitches and once you have 22, you do a final row of increasing by doubleknitting each stitch so you'll end up with 44.

But while I was waiting for you Northern Americanos to wake up, I also found the pattern that Brooke linked to here (the Mary Jane's; why are they called that anyway??) and I started on those instead. I've got one finished already so these ones will have to wait untill after my trip

I'll take the one I have finished with me to my boyfriend so I can take a picture of it and maybe I should start my own blog in the blog thread to put the pictures in....

I still can't believe how nice it is to finish something and to see it's actually useful/wearable etc :D Most of the things I do in my sparetime, like reading and corresponding etc don't really have this finished-factor to them, if you know what I mean. That alone could get addictive!

/Karen :XX:
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