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Posted: Tue Apr 12, 2005 10:29 am Post subject: sleeve help needed: a few questions.


hello again.

still working on 3xchic from knitty. i'm starting the sleeves, which are started on #8 circs and then switched onto #10s. here's the sleeve pattern:

CO 28, (30, 32) sts using #8/5mm needles.
Work pattern as follows:
[WS]: p4 (5, 6), *k2, p7* twice, k2, p4 (5, 6).
[RS]: k4 (5, 6), *p2, k7* twice, p2, k4 (5, 6).
Work last two rows twice more [6 pattern rows completed].
Change to #10/6mm needles and continue sleeve, working increases as follows:
Small: INC 1 st each side every 6 rows 7 times then every 7 rows 3 times. [48 sts]
Work even in st st until piece measures 16.5 (17, 17.5) inches.
DEC 1 st each side every RS row 6 times. 36 (42, 48 ) stitches remain.
BO all stitches.

so, my questions:
1. can i knit the sleeves in the round? if so, how do i need to change the pattern to allow for things like seam allowance, increases, etc? i have denise needles, so i can change from 8s to 10s with no problem, and i'd rather knit in the round than do the seaming. i can handle switching the knits and purls since i'll be doing all RS work, but i'm not sure about the other parts.

I think you can knit your sleeves in the round. From looking at the pattern, there seems to be one extra st for the seam allowance (where you have 8 p st, 4 side plus 4 on the other side if done flat, in what is otherwise a rib of P7, K2.
I would put all the increases exactly where they say otherwise, on either side of the seam, or if in the round, on either side of the marker where your round is joined.

2. i'm very confused about increasing in this pattern. i don't know how/when to increase so that i maintain the rib pattern that gets established.

I looked at the photos on the website. Look where it shows "look #3" and see the picture? The left half of the picture is the sleeve. You must incorporate new pattern repeats as they emerge as you increase up the sleeve.

3. i also don't know when it says "INC 1 st each side" ... does that mean RS and WS, so every row, or does it mean at the start and end of each row so twice each increase row? it seems like the latter, because it says every 6 rows and otherwise that would be a very extreme increase. if it does mean at the start and end of each row, does it matter where in the row i put the increase? i guess that goes back to question two about maintaining the rib pattern.

Yes, the latter, or the beg and end of those rows where it's described that way.

4. starting the sleeve with the #8s ... is that to give it a cuff and some more elasticity? i tend to prefer slightly looser sleeves that drape over my hands a bit. would i be better just going with the 10s the entire time?

Your preference, I'd say. Smaller needle is to give the sleeve a more tapered look, though per se it is not a cuff there at the bottom.

Don't be discouraged! They also say why not make the whole thing in stockinette stitch and forget the ribbed look? If you hate the sleeves with the rib pattern but don't want to give up, make the sleeves plain and the body ribbed. Just a suggestion.
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