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what do they mean by work in reverse?
I am new to all this knitting a sweater thing for sure. All your help has been so very, helpful :D that I was able to complete the left side and it looks great! I will have to get someone to take pics and show you what it looks like.

My new question is: Work as given for left front, but in reverse.
Ok, left front said: edge st, P2,*K2, P2, rep from * K2, P1, edge st.
So does this mean that I start at the end and work backwards like this:
edge st, P1, K2 *P2, K2 rep from * P2, edge st.

Or,am I to reverse the stitchs like:edge st, and where it is a purl I do a knit, and knit when it says purl? :thinking:
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