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thanks, and still a little stuck.
thanks so much for the help! you've definitely cleared things up a lot. this week has been crazy and i haven't had a chance but i'm going to play around with it this weekend and see how it goes. one thing i'm realizing, though, is that i'm also not sure which increases to use.

so, which increase should i use, considering that:
- i need to put it at the end of a round, not between stitches.
- i need to put it next to another increase (one at the start/end of the round).
- i need to sometimes have it be a purl stitch to keep up the ribbing pattern.

also, here's my really dumb question. the increases on amy's page are in pairs, presumably because they're corresponding and slant in different directions. which one do i use at the start of the round/row and which one do i use at the end of the round/row?

i really appreciate all the help. knitting is so exciting when it works and can be so daunting when it doesn't. i can't wait to learn this stuff better. must. buy. more. books. :XX:
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