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Welcome, welcome, Glenda...I'm relatively new to this forum and am already in love with it and the people I'm sure u will be!!
I, too, love the animals...we have a zoo of sorts...1 tuxedo cat, Snuggle; 1 solid white 17 or 19lb cat (not fat...just big!); 1 parakeet, Chloe (he's a boy, but we didn't know that when he was named ); another bird...Bo, my parrotlet (thought she was a; and last...but of course, not least...the boss of the house...Sally Mae, our dachshaund (sp?)...she is our empty nest baby...and she knows she's the has my husband wrapped around her paw more so (I think. :thinking: ) than our youngest (19) daughter has Daddy wrapped around her finger...perhaps it's a close tie!!
I look forward to getting to know u!!
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