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DPN's - hole at cast on edge
I have been learning to use DPNs...and I have read that knitting the first two and last stitches on the neelde can prevent laddering. So does slipping the first stitch from one needle to the next....however, using either of these (or both!) I still get a hole right down at the cast on edge.
I just saw a video online on slipping the first stitch (that would be knitted, I guess the last cast on stitch) onto the other needle, and then slipping what WAS the first stitch on that needle over it so that it is on top. but when I do that-I end up with 1 less stitch than I 'm supposed to. Help?
Any other tips for learning DPNs is greatly appreciated! I am just practicing like mad with a spare ball of the yarn I Hope to do Cleaves with
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