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Originally Posted by foldedbird

There's lots of good information about DPN's in Amys video. I reccomend watching it before you go any further.
I learned everything I know about knitting PERIOD by watching those videos. I tell ya, they were a lifesaver! Just even 'simple things' like 'gee, my friend said my stitch was twisted, what does that mean and how do I know?'. Anyway, I could rave about the vids all day long but the bottm line was yeah I watched them and the ones at too....but I still get a pesky spot! Maybe I just need to keep practicing!

Another thing I thought was perhaps I should just do ss on this whole darned ball of yarn for practice and get a new one for the project. We move from here in a few days so I can get it now while the gettin's good

I am having a hard time getting my guage too but I think my measuring might be faulty because the little 'tube' I am making is the same size (same no of cast on stitches, 24) as my pattern calls for and it's not possible to flatten it for a span of 4 inches....
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