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NEVER MIND! How to UNpurl a stitch?
I know what to do to move a knit stitch from my right needle back onto my left needle (if I've made a mistake), but I'm not sure how to do this for a purl stitch.

I'm knitting a baby blanket in stockinette stitch with a knit stitch border around it to prevent curling. I forgot and purled a row all the way across, forgetting to knit those last five stitches for the border. When moving a purl stitch back onto the left needle, do I insert my left needle in the same spot on the right one as I would if I were needing to unknit a knit stitch?

In the words of Rosanna Rosanna Danna, NEVER MIND! I found a picture, demonstrating what I needed to know, in a knitting book from the library. :D
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