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Re: HELP! Modifying sleeve cap pattern (long post)
Originally Posted by Carie
I’m getting 14 r to 2.2 inches.

When they say “cast off 7 st every 2nd row (1x) and cast off 11 st 2x….” they’re saying
“start the row by binding off the first 7 stitches and finish the row; bind off the first 7 stitches of the next row and finish the row, cast off the first 11 st of the next row….etc” , right?

This is how I made the back of the sweater. I cast on 86 st. Starting row 100, I decreased 14 st over 14 rows (ending row 113) (=72 st rem). Then I worked even rows 114 to 146 (72 st rem). I decreased 7 st on row 147 and row 148 (58 st rem). I decreased 11 stitches on row 149 (47 st rem) and row 150 (36 st rem), and bound off the remaining st.
OK- I've read this and unfortunately no light bulbs.

First, I think the instructions for the back ofthe sweater mean to bind off 7 sts every second row once (1x), not twice like you did.

When it says to "cast off 11 sts 2x", is there anything else that follows or was that the end of the sentence?

What is the recommended gauge for this pattern? Can you tell by that how long the sleeves should be?

By my math, I get that at 16" you should have 49 sts, and at the very top of the sleeve, you should have 25 sts. The most confusing part for me is the "inc at both edges 1 st in every alternate 6th and 8th row (12x)." I'm not sure if you count every 6th and 8th row 12 times and increase every other (so 6 sets of increases total = 12sts), or if you count every 6th and 8th row and increase 12 times on every other 6th and 8th (24sts). I would need to figure this out by what gauge the pattern says to get. If done the second way, the sleeve would be considerably longer and one would have 60 sts at 16" and 37 sts at the top.

sorry I can't help much,
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