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You helped. I guess it's not me. the pattern is confusing. I think it's a translation from Italian to English, and maybe something was lost in translation. I am interpreting the inc's to be 12 sets of inc'ing at every 6th and 8th rows. That ends up with too long sleeves or too few stitches. Maybe I'm reading it wrong.

I'll try to re-read and see if I can glean more info.

Also, I don't think I dec'd 7 st twice twice. I just did it once, but at the beginning of 2 rows in a row (if that is at all clear). Dec'd 7 at the beginning of one row, then dec'd 7 at the beginning of the next. I think if you're dec'ing to make the back of a sweater, you have to decrease symetrically. Maybe I did it wrong. I'm getting all confused now. Maybe I'll just make it a sleeveless sweater!

Last issue, knitty had a tome about the art of the sleeve. REally, it's about 25 pages. I don't have the mental energy at this time to read and understand it. (idea! maybe I should write to the author!)

I'd rather be knitting
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