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Casting On
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Carol had a good tip too - that will work for particularly large areas as well. Don't worry - your hole-y areas/laddering diminish over time as you get more proficient with your dpns.[/quote]

Yeah <sigh>. I have been transferring stitches snugly back/forth between needles. I realized after a while that it was better to (if doing the 2x2 ribbing part of cleaves) do two stitches at a time so the ribs stayed consistent looking. For some reason even if I did them tightly, if I xferred only 1 at a time, I could tell. So far it doesnt' look too shabby ac ouple of loose stitches I have to tighten up. My guage is a little wonky, off about 1/4-1/2 stitch (!!!) but since The sleeve fits and it's slouchy like I want it, I am going to keep going and just keep it in mind esp. as I do the cowl as it might turn out a bit bigger than intended if I don't 'get it together' by then. If it all turns out to be a disaser, I got some VERY valuable experience:
1. I learned a couple new cast on methods.
2. I learned how to use DPNs! (they are not nearly so scary once you get them in hand and see how it all works...)
3. I learned how to do and measure a guage swatch-and change needles and try try again
4. I learned how to unknit quite quickly
5. I learned how satisfying it is to be creating something I can wear!!!!! (first garment woo hoo!)

and much more
on that note, the movers are here so gotta get dressed !
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