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adjusting gauge without changing needle size..
...I'm knitting the sock pattern provided by Lion Brand on the back of their label for sock yarn. Nice yarn, by the way. It's the Brown and Blue Pattern 205.

The sock is huge on me. But then, I wear AAA shoe and have an almost flat instep.

I hope this superwash wool will shrink a bit! If not, hubby can have them.

My question is about adjusting the gauge.

My # of stitches-per-inch is spot-on.

My # of rows per inch. Well it's too big. I have 10 rows/inch where I should have 12.

I realize it will make the sock LONGER (not wider).

How can I adjust one part of the gauge without affecting the other??

Size 3 dpns on that lovely patterned wool/nylon.

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