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Row 2: (K 1, p 1) in first st, p across to last st (p 1, k 1) in last st -- 9 sts.

What exactly does this mean?
Do I knit 1, purl 1 in the same stitch - then purl to the last stitch and then what do i do with the remaining 9??

I think you knit the first stitch, but don't pull it off the needle; purl the same stitch, THEN pull it off onto the right-hand needle.

Purl the next 6 stitches. You should have 1 more stitch on left-hand needle.

Knit/Purl the last stitch as described above. You started out with 7, now there's nine stitches in that row because you've increased twice by stitching twice into the first and last stitches of that row.

You asked "what do I do with the remaining 9?"

Well, you proceed to row 3. Put that right-hand needle in the left hand. Your pattern instructions read:

Row 3: K 1, k2tog, yo, k 3, yo, k2tog-tbl, k 1.
TBL = "through the back loop".

Hope this helps.

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