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A "turn" problem (debbie bliss pattern)
I am making a bolero sweater. (It's a Debbie Bliss pattern..."Molly") The edging/collar reads:

P2, *K2, P2; rep from * to end
working rib as set, cont as follows:
next 2 rows Rib to last 86 sts, turn.
next 2 rows Rib to last 82 sts, turn
etc etc until you get to
next 2 rows Rib to last 64 sts, turn
next row, rib to end
work a futher 7 rows in rib

Well, the neck edging of my sweater is supposed to wider than the sides & back. Well, the right side of my sweater is considerable larger than the left, neck and the back.

What does it mean to work rib as set? And if the pattern says to go to last 86 sts...that does mean the last 86 in that row? Doesn't it? My sweater definately doesn't look right. Am I supposed to split up the 86 and have it in the middle of all the stitches? (there are 202 stitches total)
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