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vic, vic,vic..... :XX: U can go to LYS & try out the denises and the boyes and the boyes colors may be prettier.....but, I, like kelly...STAND BY MY DENISES!! If color is what may sway u to buy...think of the color of the YARN that u will be knitting (much more comfortably and faster, i might add) on your denises. Ok, let me tell u something stupid I did...I've been working on this afghan for a few weeks (2 really...1 week I didn't even knit) I decide to use a suze 10 circ, like it calls walks my stupidity...(make yourself at home )....I get out a set of bates that i used to use all of the time (before my denises) and i can't stop the curling (not even with the hot water)...and do u know when I finally changed to my denises? ...LAST NITE!!! I was absolutely shocked with myself (in my defense...i have periods of stupidity bc I'm going thru early menopause...that sounds good, right?!).
All that said to tell u that i am now happily knitting with my denises...doing so swiftly, comfortably...and no twisty cords!!
AND denises are less expensive!!
Just don't let all of my boughts of stupidity over the last 2 weeks influence u against the denises, k!? (for reall...I have a very good reason, it's just kinda personal)
I need for these guys and knitpicks to pay me for!!
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