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Raglan Seams??
I am attempting to make my very first garment (a short sleeve top) and I am confused - the pattern instructs me to make the back, the front, and two cap sleeves using the decreasing technique of "fully-fashioned raglan decreases" which they define as:

RS Rows: k1, ssk, work in pattern (seed stitch) to last 3 sts, k2 tog, k1
WS Rows: p1, p2tog, work in pattern to last 3 sts, p2tog-tbl, p1

after the front, back, and sleeves are done, all it says for assembly is
"sew raglan seams. sew sleeve and body seams"

where are these raglan seams exactly? how are there seams to be done if they are not sleeve or body seams? what am i missing here? I was actually hoping that I could convert this pattern to be knit in the round, but am wary because I feel like I don't understand this seaming thing.

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