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Love you back Rebecca! *muah*

I have to confess, I've not yet TRIED the Denise needles, so as much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Boyes, I can't say I love them better, until I've at least tried the Denise. I do love the colors and case of the Boyes, and the 3 additional needle sizes (sizes 2, 3, & 4)! I'm not sure how I'd like the plastic of the Denises--this is where I really need to try them to know.

Remember the Denise needle tips are shorter. Picture here. Some people like longer needles to hold onto; I know Meg Swansen feels this way, as did EZ. But this shortness may be worth it, if you don't mind changing the way you hole the needles a bit, since it gives you a 16" needle length, whereas the shortest Boye is 20" because of the longer tips. If you've ever used a 16" circular needle of any kind, it would have had shorter tips, similar to the Denise, to give you an idea of how that would feel to knit with.

The Denise look way easier to change the tips, they just snap on.
But then the Boyes are aluminum (so smooth), and come in such pretty colors and that GREAT carrying case, so compact and I love the look.

Has anyone given you the shopping tip for getting the Boys for $40? Buy them at Michaels with one of their $40 off coupons (published in local Sunday papers apparently). End price is $40 I believe.

Anyway, more stuff for you to chew on! Good luck choosing!
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