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Okay - I guess I now understand what the "raglan" part of the seam is - but are raglan seams seamed any differently than regular old seams?

And an additional question - since I've never made a garment needing seaming before - are patterns written assuming that 2 stitches (on flat pieces) get used up on the seam or are you supposed to know this somehow and add these stitches accordingly? So if, for instance, I was told to CO 38 sts, would this assume that there would only be 36 left after the seaming is done? So if I did this in the round, so there were no seams, would I just use 36 sts?

(and based on the raglan explanation, I'm guessing I'd just work from the bottom of the garment up to the beginning of the raglan decreases in the round and then I'd be forced to switch to straight needles???)
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