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Shoulder Agony
So, I got injured at work, and nearly dislocated my left shoulder. There are some complications with an aggravated nerve bundle, and I'm spending WAY too much time at the physical therapists and doctors. I've had to drop one class completely, take incompletes in two others, and I've been late to work thanks to visits to the midical offices. Things are progressing, but still... bleh.

This is not the real tragedy however. Shoulders heal, the semester will end, and eventually work will go back to normal.

The real tragedy is that I CAN'T KNIT! All the fine motor movements of the left hand (I'm a continental knitter) are a bit much, and since my hand is a bit numb (that darned nerve issue) it's sort of extra complicated anyway.


My obbsession with yarn and knitting goes on, however. I've been reading knitting books and letting my mind wander about things I'll make when I'm better.

Any good knitting books to suggest? Pattern, text, or otherwise? Mind you, I'm interested in the *reading* as much as patterns right now.
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