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Sounds scary at first to pull those three stitches off ON PURPOSE, but it isn't! You hold them against the needle with your finger so you don't lose them.

Wait, I don't get what you're saying. You just let the 3 stitches hang by their lone, out in the air, off needles, waiting to be knit? Don't you use a dp or a cable holder to slip the 3 stitches to, knit the next 3 and then knit from the dp the 3 for the twist?

I've done cables before and they are really easy. It looks much more intimidating than it really is. (Except for that ultimate sweater someone posted awhile back. That was intimidating!) It's really simple to do considering it adds a lot of punch to an item. Lotsa bang for the buck, so to speak. I didn't read the directions to the scarf completely and didn't see where the twist came in or the part that said cable holders required.

Wouldn't it be less scary just to slide the stitches to a dp? At my age, the less scary in my life the better.


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