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helpful info for "Tempting" pattern
Can anyone please help me figure this out? This is the pattern I'm using:

I'm stuck on the part under "Body," where it says: Place next 12 sts on waste yarn, work across 60 sts, place next 12 sts on waste yarn, work to end of rnd.

After placing the 12 sts on waste yarn, if I continue to work the next 60 sts, the working yarn inevitably pulls across the gap created by "skipping" those 12 sts (hope that made sense). That length of yarn going across also creates another problem later in the pattern, when trying to join the sleeves to the body of the sweater. I'm obviously doing something wrong, but I can't make it work no matter what I try.

Please help...I'm about ready to tear my hair out! :crying:
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