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Your hood looks great! I think I will just do what it says for loop stitch, cuz it looks good . I might cast on a couple extra stitches (and change the total number for each row accordingly) to make it a bit wider, but it looks pretty big so that might not be necessary. I'm done with both sides, so I'll be starting that next... I can't wait till its done! Hopefully I'll have pics up soon.....

Kelly, about the loop stitch - I actually use my right thumb for the loop, and since I have to use both my thumbs to hold the needles, the loop slides down to the edge of my fingernail, against the needle, so its pretty small. I've thought about trying to use small clips to hold the loop if I wanted to make the loops as small as possible, but that would be more time consuming I think. Anyway, I always think its interesting to play around with techniques!

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