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I just finished knitting my first item!!!! OK, kinda second, but haven't totally finished my first item (a purse, need to sew it up and add the strap to it).

Anyway, it was a flower washcloth found in the Weekend Knitting ( or Knitter?) book. It was really fun to do, since I got to practice so many new techniques being the newbie knitter that I am. I'll try to take a picture of it later this evening and post it here.

For my next project, I wanted to make a baby sweater, so I may try this pattern out and try out this monthly knit along:

although this dress is absolutely adorable too!!

So, not exactly knitting a flower, but they have flowers in them

I am 5 months pregnant, but have no clue what we are having, but my neighbor just had a little girl, so i was thinking of making this for her.

fun! :D
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