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Here's the flower washcloth I made. This is my first ever completed knitting project, yay. I just bought a bunch of acrylic yarn on my first knitting shopping spree, so I didn't have any of the cotton stuff for the pattern. I got things totally backwards when I moved from my circular to double-point needles, oops!! I was about to give up at that point because everything kept slipping off my double-point needles, ugh, but once I got going it was better. Anyway, it was lots of fun to make!

Right now we are using it on our kitchen table to put stuff on :D

Also, I decided - making the Anouk - it's just too cute!!

So, from my initial yarn purchase, I have some Lion Brand Baby Soft (Spring Green for the main part of the dress and probably pastel yellow for the pocket background, I only have white left after that! ) I think the yarn may be a little thinner than what is mentioned in the pattern, but not by much. ?? So, I am guessing if I make the 6 month size, I suppose that should be fine? It's for a baby just born in April. Although with this pattern, I don't think it matters so much :-)

I can't wait to get started, will probably start tomorrow evening.
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