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Marnie'sComet hat
Sorry Marnie, I should have said you answered me but I didn't get your instructions when you did. Didn't want to bother you further coz maybe I'm just too much of a beginner to read the pattern wo explicit instructions.

Um, what I don't get on that beautiful Comet hat is after you cast on 8, you just knit them for 2 rows, (right?) then do the first increase in 3rd row, the yos in 5th row... ?? yes (got that I think)

but then you say "One note about row 6, you should work the
K, P, K into the double YO."

And looking at the pattern in the 6th row there is just a symbol for a purl. Nothing I see referring to a K, P, K. Am I being obtuse?


I love that hat. Would like to make it but... I need to learn how to read charts. okey doke,

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