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OT: Personal Websites
My DH is a tech genius and has finally decided to update our website. I can't tell you how long I've nagged him about this. We have a personal section that's password protected for family stuff only (pictures, message board, etc) but the main site is still unstructured.

He plans to have a section for his woodworking stuff - my man has many talents! And I would like to have a section for crafts. Here's my concern: he can sell his stuff with no problem from the site but my stuff is mainly gifts for other people. I create my own designs for the candles I make but my knit/crochet/quilt projects are mostly done from patterns. I'm not really interested in selling my fiber projects but I would be willing to sell the candles. How in the world do I do this? I don't think I can legally sell stuff from other peoples patterns anyway.

We want this site to show our friends and family the stuff that we make because we're 900 miles away from them but we're also thinking about using it to sell certain projects in the future (like when we retire 25 years from now ).

Any thoughts, suggestions, recommendations, words of wisdom, etc would be so helpful! (Should we have a blog? guest book? anything else)
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