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Amy, your cover inspired me. I am always losing my phone in my purse so...I made your cover (without the buttonhole; didn't want to sit in front of the computer to figure it out) in lion thick and chunky chenille, added an I-cord (probably didn't attach it the right way, but...) and it now is attached to my purse strap. The I-cord (loved doing that) is long enough to tuck the phone inside the center compartment of my shoulder bag and the phone is always within reach. No more missed calls!!! I just poke the antenna between stitches. Works well, but probably not as finished as yours. Instead of working in the ends I tied them in a bow.

My daughter was thrilled with it and asked me to make her one. She said I could probably sell them at the boutiques she haunts for $60+ each. I'm not going into business yet.

You are so clever. I love this site!!!
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