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Hi. I'm new here and SOOO grateful to have found this site!! What a great place!!

I'm so confused about the M1 stitch, my head could explode, but then, I do have a tendency to overcomplicate things.

I have a Rowan sweater pattern and the instructions read "M1". Now, I consulted my "Knitting for Dummies" and they give 2 examples: M1R and M1L, but the pattern doesn't specify. I've looked in other How To books and they only give instruction for the M1L, but they don't specify that it leans left. They just say "Here is what a M1 looks like". How am I supposed to know which one to use when, and why don't more places specify that there is more than one kind of M1? (Gee, can you tell I haven't been doing this long?) I'm so frustrated. :crying:

Would someone please advise me?
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