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Grafting the Toe
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Wow Marnie, thanks! That was a great visual!

I experimented with the short rows last night just on scrap yarn and 30 stitches. I started out by knitting to the last 3 stitches, then doing a wrap, purling back to last 3 stitches, doing a wrap, then knitting back to last 4 stitches (is that right??????, and if so, is the 4th stitch including the one I just wrapped??), etc. It worked, I think, but I had troubles with this instruction from the link that Silver provided in her first post on this thread.

"On the final two rows, when you knit or purl across, insert needle into wrap first, then knit/purl as appropriate together with the wrapped stitch."

I understand that you have to include the wrap stitches and to do the wrap first then the regular stitch, and it did work on the knit side but on the purl side, the wraps were definitely not invisible on the right side of my work. What did I do wrong?? Also, am I knitting and purling ALL the way across the row, or just up to and including the ones that I have wrapped???

And also, since I'm working in the round, when do I start going "around" again? Once I finish the wraps, do I just start going in the round again and THEN pick up the wraps and knit them or do I pick up the wraps BEFORE I go back to going in the round. This part has me so confused. :thinking:
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