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Working on circulars
Well... I just started my very first try on circulars and well, let's just say it's a new thing I had never even seen any before I came on this board. I found them rather intriquing so I talked to my mum about that and she had seen them, in fact she even HAD one which she's gladly donated to me since she never got used to using them.

I now know why: just like my mum I like to tug my right needle under my arm when I knit. So, that needle is stationary while I manipulate mostly with the left needle (I hope that description made sense).
I might want to learn how to knit in a different way; I have the yarn in my right hand aswell and "throw" it around each time I make a stitch. With the needle safely under my arm, it is easy to let go of the needle to put the yarn around the needle.
But now, when I can't put it under my arm, I may have to look at Amy's video's to see if there is an easier way to knit....

But for now: I've figured out how to knit flat, doing it my way. It's just awfully slow this way

Anyway: here comes my, maybe slightly obvious , question: if you want to knit in the round, I guess you'd have to make sure that the diameter of whatever it is that you want to knit, is roughly the same size as the length of your circs? I mean: when you cast on, you should be able to cover both small needles and the connecting thread with them?

And following on that thought: does that mean you've got them in different lengths so you can knit anything from a small hat to a large sweater?

/Karen who is just :XX: and pondering about the deeper knittingissues in life....
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