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Originally Posted by KellyK
Your needle should be the same size or a bit SMALLER than whatever you are knitting.
And, that does sometimes mean that you have to have several needles, which is why so many of us have interchangeable circ sets!
Ahh, now I understand the whole idea behind those! I know, it took me a while but I never paid much attention to it untill I actually got my hands on one myself. The one I have now is a fixed one so I can't change the wire that's inbetween....

Originally Posted by KellyK
I LOVE knitting in the round, check Amy's video on that....when Im "throwing", I usually have both needles in my left hand for a moment, but after your first round, you can usually let go of the right needle with no consequence....the WORK holds it up!
I've done a bit more of it now and I also noticed that I can just let go of the needle for a second and the work holds it together ; I guess it's because the needle is so short, it's a lot less heavy than a full lenght needle and therefor it won't slide out as easily, and also because of the wire it's less slippery.

I can soooo see why you'd love the interchangables now!
At first I thought they are a bit expensive but I see more and more advantages now that I've done a few rows on these; also when you're "just' knitting flat.
They are lighter, I find them a bit easier to manipulate, and they are a LOT easier to take with you! less bulky in your bag and the stitches are less likely to slide off, especially if you slide them all ot the middle of the wire (can you tell I've been testing this thing or not?? :D )

I think, maybe, if I come into a bit of money (when my financial rent support FINALLY comes in, maybe :rollseyes: ) I should have a small pamperparty for myself and see if I can get my hands on a set of interchangables as a gift to myself
A girl is allowed to do that for herself isn't she? :D

I just checked a Dutch secondhandstuff-website and there aren't any at all on there so I might have to check on or or something and hope they'll ship to Europe aswell.
Or maybe I can talk someone on here into buying me one with those 40% off coupons I've read about and ship it down here :devil: [/quote]
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