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Re: Help with yarn forward
Originally Posted by angeluc58
I know this sounds simple, but I have tried this pattern at least 15 times and I always end up short stitches. My question is the pattern p1, p2tog, p5, yf, (k1, yf, p5, p3tog, p5, yf) twice, k1, yf, p5, p2tog, p1....the yf has me stumped. When I p5 the yarn is already forward *shrug*, so what do they mean? I start out with 45 stitches in purl...then the next row is the above pattern and when I'm done I am always 3 stitches short. Please help...I really love this project and I'm stumped.
Hmm ... :thinking: My thoughts in red...
p1, p2tog, p5, yf wrap the yarn up & over the needle and back to a purl position. , (k1, yf I think this extraneous since you're about to purl anyway...UNLESS they really mean YO, in which case, you'd do a complete wrap around the needle ending ready for purl , p5, p3tog, p5, yf up&over and back to purl position ) twice, k1, yf up&over and back to purl position. , p5, p2tog, p1

Anyone else care to chime in ??

What pattern are you working? Is it online?

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