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brendajo: lol it would help if they actually have the goods when you shop up with your coupon, I agree! :D

I have knitted in the round once before: on DPNs and it wasn't nearly as horrible as I expected it to be. The instructions for patterns are hard but then again: I always have to work them out first anyway since I tend to find the patterns of what I want to make on here and they are all in English. The abbreviations sometimes leave me very puzzled and usually I'll write a quick Dutch translation in the sideline so I'll know what I'm supposed to do. I guess it'll just take a few more patterns though and then I'll be better in the English pattern-reading: I'm usually a quick study :study:

I also love the fact that you can't loose a needle; and it's much nicer to put it away with all the stitches safely on the wire part so they won't slide off. That, combined with the fact that it will fit in a bag much nicer, shows me that I might want a few more like these. But like you: I'll have to wait untill I find someone who is willing to sell at the price I want to pay

I'll give Brooke's idea of checking Ebay a try when I've got some money to spend. Maybe that's an idea for you aswell? And maybe you can use the 40% off coupon for something else instead

brooke: thanks for that idea!! I will be checking Ebay. Maybe I can even ask one of my American friends if they'd mind having them sent to them so they can ship them to me if a seller doesn't want to send to Europe.
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