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Patterns and attention to detail.....
I just have to grip a little bit......I bought a pattern and was so excited about knitting the item and the pattern gave so little details that I am not going to even try to use it. ...knitting should be fun not frustrating.

I have found that many of the patterns that I have purchased (as opposed to the wonderful free ones that I have found on line) just don't give enough detail.

Call me crazy..... but I think a pattern should give you enough details that you don't have to reference every other source you can find. No, I don't expect the pattern to include details of every stitch but if they say increase or decrease, I think they should tell you which way to increase or decrease is recommended to create the desired effect. I love Amy's tutorial on increase and decrease (who knew there were so many ways) but I shouldn't have to reference that page every time I try to follow a pattern to figure out which way is best but I shouldn't have to figure out what the pattern designer intended.
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