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Woo hoo, what a great buttonhole! A lot better than that craziness I was trying to knit before. But still a couple questions about it....
1. My stitches above the button hole seem extra loose, and just outside one of the "corners" is a small hole, is that normal?
2. In your written buttonhole instructions, can it be that there is a step missing? In particular:
Step 4 -- Turn work (so RS is facing). Bring yarn to back; slip first st of left needle onto right needle and pass last CO st over it. ....You're done! Work to end of the row, or to the next buttonhole!
After the "pass last CO st over it" don't you then bring the last stich on the right needle back to the left needle? I ended up with my yarn coming from the second stich on the right needle, so just passed that extra one back like I've seen in other buttonhole patterns.
Hope that was worded ok, thanks again for all the help!
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