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Re: What to do...
Originally Posted by AprilB
I'm working on my very first non-scarf, non-baby blanket item! I'm working on but I'm already stuck! As the pattern states for gauge:

"19 sts = 4; 26 rows = 4 in St st on size 8 needles."

I can get my rows to = 4" but I can't get my 19 sts to = 4". What am I doing wrong?

Any suggestions?

Tricky tricky ...
Have you tried smaller needle? Try size 7 and see what you get. Your row guage will probably shrink, but it's better to have a tilted row guage than a tilted stitch guage. After all, you can always just knit more rows to get to the required length. If your st guage is off then the item won't fit around.

So anyhoo, I would try a smaller needle. Or you could also try knitting your sts tighter. But I think changing your needles would be better so that you don't have to constantly concentrate on knitter tighter than you normally would. Knitting has enough stuff to concentrate on

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