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Thanks for the info everyone. Every row, wrong and right sides, have the 3 knit stitches. Maybe if I increased the knit stitches to 6 at each edge that would help. :thinking: I think I just knit too tightly. Note to self: Repeat after me Denise--RELAX, Relax, relax!

I have started another one and am trying to pay much more attention to tension. So far so good--except I have to do a little frogging --messed up about 5 rows in and didn't notice it until I put on about 5 more rows I should not try to knit with a pattern after a hard day at the office. I should stick with something simple like my ongoing 8-mile scarf!

Hey, Amy! Is there a chant, a curse, a spell, a hex, a prayer or something that can ward off the EVIL CURLING STOCKINETTE ? Do we need to hold hands and sing?
Happy Knitting!
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