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This is just sideways related to the original question here, but I'm confused about that exactly a dishcloth is?
Up untill very recently I've thought it was something like an oven mitten but then used to lift hot covers from your pans or to pick hot pots&pans from the stove, things like that. They look the right size for it aswell.
But then I ran accross the word "potholder" which fits much better for that last description.
Sooo; now I've decided that the potholder is what I was really thinking about and a dishcloth must be something else afterall...

Pff, every time I think I know plenty in English I come across something else


Oh and Denise: keep breathing in and out is a good way to tackle any problem :D
Good luck on this second one; I hope it won't curl up (as much) as the first one
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