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Originally Posted by SimplyKaar
Originally Posted by ekgheiy
Originally Posted by SimplyKaar
This is just sideways related to the original question here, but I'm confused about that exactly a dishcloth is?...
It's a cloth that some people use to clean their dishes. It's sometimes the same size or smaller than a wash cloth (facial), but is generally not as thick as a wash cloth.

Some people use a sponge to clean dishes, some people use a dish cloth. And there are others who use .... THE DISH WASHING MACHINE.!! :rofling:
I've never seen anyone do dishes with just a thin cloth but I'm sure it will work just as well. Down here we either use a sponge or a brush and ofcourse there are always lucky people who actually have a dishwasher machine!! I never cared for one because I never knew what I was missing but there's one at my boyfriends and boy it is handy!!
Oh I love that handy machine! And the Cascade for those machines always smell SOOOOoooooo gooood!! I seriously stand there for a couple minutes just smelling the stuff!! MMmmm... Anyhoooo ... I prefer a dish cloth (I've also heard it referred to as a "dish rag" by some people) or a brush. I like the cloth because you can run it through the machine with the laundry to keep it fresh. I think sponges are a bid high maintenance in the keeping fresh-department, no matter how many times I soak/bleach/squish.

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