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I'll give you the remaining directions so you may be able to figure that out :rofling: because I have the hat now on dpn's and I'd certainly hate to mess up at this point as much as I dislike dpns

After doing initial ribbing, you change to novelty yarn and larger needle and knit 2 inches...Then,

1st and 2nd dec round as I stated above...then, 3rd dec round: (k1, k2 tog) to the last two sts, k2 tog (37 sts)

Next round: knit

4th dec round: k1 (k2 tog) to end (19 sts)

Repeat the last 2 rows once (10 sts) Cut yarn and draw up through sts tightly.

Since it did not specify to knit for those 2 inches, I question whether I should just repeat the k2 k2tog again for 2 inches.
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