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Help on "ending with rs facing"!!
I am sure this has been asks a bunch of times, but none of the explanations are clicking with me.

I am making anouk from knitty, and it says "ending with rs facing" Does that mean the last row I knit up, but I work on that row. Or will be the right side facing me or as I turn it over to knit the next row, the right side should then be facing me, and then I move on with the instructions?? Did that make sense?? :thinking:

Basically, the two rows I am alternating from is purl and then knit stich. So, I assumed the last row to end with the rs facing me would be the purl row, since as soon as I finish that row and turn my work over to work on the next set of intructions, my work will be facing me on the right side?

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