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Re: Help with Flag pattern
Originally Posted by brendajos
here are the problems i am having though. First of all this is the first time i have had to carry yarn up the side. It is fine but what do you do with those pieces that are there? do you leave it? I feel like i have seen people say to weave them in but i dont understand how you would do that.
You can just let them hang until you are finished the project, then weave. Check out this Knitty Article on weaving.
Originally Posted by brendajos
The other question is how do i get the blue to attach to the stripes next to them?
All you do is just pick up the blue and start knitting with it, being sure that you leave a tail for weaving later. The tail of the blue will be a pain, but you can tighten it when you're done. Just let it hang until then.

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