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Ribbing the Cuff
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K2/P2 Ribbing Increases

I am working on a with a pattern that is K2/P2 ribbing. You are supposed to increase 1 stitch at each end, every 4th row, keeping the pattern correct... I am completely confused: Are all my inceases in the knit stitch? At what point to I purl them? Is the follwing correct???? (I wonder if I will ever get this....)

R1 Inc1 K2 P2 K2 P2 Incr 1
R2 K1 K2 P2 K2 P2 K1
R3 K1K1 K2 P2 K2 P2 K1
R4 Inc 1K1 K2 P2 K2 P2 Inc 1
R5 K2 K2 P2 K2 P2 K2
R6 K2 K2 P2 K2 P2 K2
R7 K2 K2 P2 K2 P2 K2
R8 Inc 1 K2 K2 P2 K2 P2 K2 Inc 1
R9 K1 P2 K2 P2 K2 P2 K2 K1

I guess my question is, do increase with Knit stitches and when I have enough, resume the pattern????

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