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Grafting the Toe
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well i have started it over four times now because i just couldn't get happy with the way it was looking. i am thinking it is looking okay now. i hadn't planned on backing it and since it is suppose to look like a work in progress for the project i am doing (i am creating a Betsy Ross thing and decided that i might as well know what i am doing (sorta) on PART of the project before i have to sew the clothes for i think i will be okay with the back being a little less than perfect and the edges being a little curled.

I watched the intarasia video in the middle of some sleep induced delirium last night and it looked easy enough so i think i can handle that. I am just going to cross stitch the stars on since i am making the colonial flag and "Betsy" is going to be in the process of sewing them on when it is all said and done. now i just have to get to the point where Betsy has some clothes.


thanks for all your help!!
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