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I, for one, would be interested. I've been part of Secret Pal groups in a church I used to attend. It is so much fun!

We've done something similar on the homeschooling website I co-own. We don't actually do secret pal exchanges, but we have designated swaps, such as for tea towels, or white elephant swaps, etc. Right now, we're having a "tea" swap. I got mine in yesterday! :D

A word of advice from past experiences with our swaps, is that there needs to be some sort of accountability involved. We require our participants to have been registered and posting for a minimum of 6 months (which I realize would disqualify me here if that were adhered to :( ). We didn't start out requiring that, but we'd have newbies come along and sign up for our "swaps". receive their items, but not send out items to those whose names they drew. It was very disappointing to those who'd given, but not received. :(
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