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I used to be active on a glass beads board (pregnant now, so no fumes for me at the moment!). Anyway, we had a section for "Random Acts of Glass Kindness" (or something called that). So, it was a section where people just posted their address, and when someone else felt like it, they just picked someone and sent something. So, no time line, no money collection, not much of any set-up or rules. Just up to you to post your name and address there and then another person to randomly mail off something to someone as they felt like it. I think since people posted their mailing addresses, they have the section a little more password protected, so only registered users could access it. It was kinda fun and strangely enough after I hadn't posted in like 3 months, I got some beads in the mail!! Sometimes people didn't necessarily even send a finished bead or set, but sometimes just glass rods or whatever.

Actually, I think the only "rule" they had was that you posted a pic of when you got something! heehee
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